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When you come, our chef, Jérémie Voutaz will offer you a unique and personal menu. You will find out as the evening progresses. It will be accompanied by carefully selected wines and beverages. He will obviously take into account your food intolerances and your taste preferences. We therefore encourage you to mention them to us in the booking form.

"Of all the passions, the only really respectable one seems to me to be gluttony"

Guy de Maupassant

"With "A Table", I share with you, on a daily basis, my passion for gastronomy. In this unique and intimate place, I invite you to discover my culinary universe with emotion.

Passionate about cooking and the world around it, I am constantly innovating and looking for new flavors, thus reaping multiple gifts to share.
When you come, I will offer you a unique dish, according to the seasons, which I hope will awaken your taste buds.

Pleased to welcome you. »

Jeremiah Voutaz


According to the schedule of reservations


Other dates are possible, onlyonly on request


The arrival time is specified for each date

To fully enjoy this gourmet outing, it is important to start this experience together.

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